Join our month of action standing up against the #RefugeeBanBill

This action against the government’s #RefugeeBanBill, proposed by Together with Refugees, is being supported by The Liberation Movement.

We hope you’ll do what is being requested:
Join our month of action standing up against the #RefugeeBanBill

As the government’s #RefugeeBanBill reaches a key stage in Parliament, Together With Refugees is taking a clear stand across the country to show this cruel bill does not represent us – and that instead we call for a fair, compassionate and effective approach towards people seeking sanctuary in the UK.

While we have raised a range of deep concerns with the bill, Together With Refugees is particularly pushing on two key aspects:
Ensuring the UK upholds its international commitment to the fundamental right for people fleeing persecution to seek protection in the UK
Stopping the government rolling back the law that bans child refugees being locked up.

Amendments on both these issues are now tabled in the House of Lords in collaboration with Together With Refugees members. Before the bill returns to the Commons for debate it’s vital that MPs hear loud and clear from as many people and groups as possible in their constituencies who stand together with refugees – both directly and via media and social media.
Together With Refugees is calling for a month of action during June, particularly the latter half coinciding with Refugee Week (19-25 June) and Scottish Refugee Festival (16-25 June).

Here are three ways you can take action to support the campaign in June:
Contact your MP to lay out your concerns – by email, letter, requesting a meeting at a local constituency level, or inviting the MP to an event in your community. If your organisation is a national coalition member, please ask your supporters and networks to do this. Please check out this Together With Refugees guide to engaging your MP on the Refugee Ban Bill (this will be kept updated with any new developments on the Bill as they happen).

Organise or join a Hospitality Not Hostility community meal or tea. Invite your local MP to a Hospitality Not Hostility event to demonstrate at this crucial time that people in their constituency care about the issue of refugees and want their MP to commit to a fairer, more compassionate approach. More details on Hospitality Not Hostility and toolkits to support you here.

Stand against the government’s attempt in the bill to legalise locking up child refugees. We are working with Citizens UK, children’s charities and many other Together With Refugees members to raise this shocking aspect of the bill in the media and social media over coming weeks. We’ll keep you posted with more details – it would be great if you could support and amplify these calls through your social media channels.

Do get in touch with your updates and any questions or suggestions. Thank you again for all your campaigning work – and please step up the pressure in the coming vital weeks if you can.

Rebecca and the Together With Refugees team