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Black child conference

It is well evidenced over decades that institutional racism is alive and well in education and Child Q horrific incident brought it to light.The 2017 NUT (now NEU) Barriers report looked at the visible and invisible barriers and impact of racism on BME teachers found that both Black educators (similarly to Black students) are more […]

UN Anti-Racism Day Webinar

Monday 21st March 7pm Register: Building an International Resistance to Racism What’s Next after Black Lives Matter? The public lynching of unarmed Black man George Floyd by a US police officer sparked worldwide Black Lives Matter (BLM) mass youth-led protests. In Bristol, protestors tore down the statue of a 17th century slave trader in […]

Anti-Refugee Nationality and Borders Bill

A united, Black-led movement to defeat racism Why we Oppose the Anti-Refugee Nationality and Borders Bill January 14 2022 The Liberation Movement (TLM) joins many other civil liberties organisations in opposing the government’s anti-refugee Nationality and Borders Bill, which is currently in the House of Lords. Peers have their final sitting to consider the […]

Film The Cops

American teenager Darnella Frazier summoned up extraordinary bravery to use her mobile phone to film white policeman Derek Chauvin murder unarmed Black man George Floyd in broad daylight. It’s unlikely the cop would have been jailed without Darnella’s damning video evidence. She was just 17 in May 2020 when the fatal incident happened. But, like […]